Weekly Occasional Sale!

Louise's Basement will now be open Weekly!
Starting September 6th we will be open each week, Thursday - Sunday! Being open more means more shopping hours and better availability, more goods and unique items, some new dealers, more fun and just MORE LB...Yay!
Here's the plan:
 Our dealers aka Louise's Ladies are bringing in items each week rather than just once a month! So your going to have to stop in, and stop in often!
We will be updating Facebook with photos of new goods ,
and we will be doing a monthly blog posts the 3rd week each month.
Our friend, and previous dealer, Stephanie's new Occasional sale shop will be open the 3rd week of the month and we plan to be full to the brim that week as well. So if your looking for a weekend to invite your friends and family...that would be the week! (Third week of the month: Thursday - Sunday)
But again, LB will be open EVERY WEEK
Thursday - Sunday!